Bronco Storage

Hassle free storage for SCU Students

Picking up your items

Please visit us to pickup your items on your designated pickup day that you requested when you dropped off your storage with us. If you are not sure what your date is, please check your emailed receipt. In most situations, pickup dates cannot be pushed earlier. Please contact us if you would like your items delivered. Our hours of operation are below.  If you would like to pick up your items, please stop by our location in the Leavey Center Parking lot during the times listed below.

September 12th: 5PM - 6PM.
September 13-15th: 11AM - 12PM.
September 16th: 10AM - 4PM.
September 18th: 10AM - 6PM.

Bronco Storage Customers

All items must be dropped off at the same time during one of the following days

Additional boxes and other items will be available at the dates and times above.

If you purchased pick-up service, you will have your pickup time confirmed by Saturday, June 10th


Space is limited - reserve your spot with a $20 deposit by June 9th. Customers without reservation are subject to a $50 fee.

Pack Up

We'll provide free boxes for you to pack up all your items. During finals week, drop off your items on-campus in the Leavey parking lot.


In the Fall, we'll bring your items back to campus for pick up. If you're studying abroad storage, we can hold your items till winter.

Reserve today


All reservations require a $20 non-refundable deposit. The $20 non-refundable deposit will be deducted from your storage bill. Customers who do not make a reservation prior to Friday, June 9th will be subject to a $50 fee.


Size Price Description
Standard Box $8 per month 18" x 18" x 18"
Large Box $16 per month 36" x 18" x 18"

Bulk Items

Size Price Description
Small $8 per month Lamp, Rug, Small TV, Empty plastic container
Medium $16 per month Large TV (21+ inches), Mini-fridge, Small chair
Large $24 per month Bicycle, Mattress, Desk, Table, Recliner Chair
X-Large $32 per month Couch, Futon


Item Price Description
Tape $3 per roll 2" x 165 feet
Bubble Wrap 50¢ per foot 24" wide


Service Price Description
Box Delivery $49 We'll deliver the empty boxes (and supplies) you reserved to your room.
Pick Up Service $149 We'll pick up your packed boxes when you're all packed.
Drop Off Service $149 We'll deliver your boxes to your room when you return.
Pick Up and Drop Off $275 We'll pick up your packed boxes and deliver them to your room when you return.

*Reservations will not be accepted after June 9th. Customers without a reservation will be subject to a $50 fee. By using Bronco Storage you are required to agree to the terms and conditions listed here.

On Campus Drop Off Location

The drop off site for Bronco Storage is located in the Leavey Center parking lot. A short walk from the dorms.

Boxes Supplied for Free

You'll need something to store your items in. That's why we give out free boxes to our customers.

Storage While your Abroad

Studying abroad in the Fall? We'll hold your items for as long as you need. If you store your items until January we'll give you a month free.

We'll pickup your storage

If hauling storage across campus isn't your thing, we can pick up your storage at your dorm room, house, or apartment.

pay for how much you use

Instead of purchasing a whole unit for the summer, with Bronco Storage you pay for only the items your store. It's way cheaper.

Give $10, Get $10

After you reserve, you'll receive a promo code to share. For each friend you refer, you'll both get $10 off your storage.

Reserve today

About Bronco Storage

Bronco Storage has been providing the most convenient and affordable storage solution to Santa Clara University students for the past 15 years. The best part about Bronco Storage is that you don’t have to find a vehicle to carry your stuff off-campus or deal with calling around and reserving a spot in some other storage location. Simply reserve with us and we’ll hold your items for the entire Summer and/or Fall Quarter.

Our storage service focuses on offering an affordable service to SCU students. Our unique storage service only charges for what you store at a very low rate. For instance, if you have 2 boxes worth of stuff and don’t want to ship it home or deal with self-storage, you can store those 2 boxes with us for only $16 per month!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these monthly box prices include the box?

Yes. If you choose to pay for the Standard or Large box price, this includes the box. Please note that all storage items must be placed in a box unless they can be categorized as bulk items. You may not provide your own boxes and any plastic containers must be empty.

How do I know my stuff is safe?

You can be comforted that your stuff is safe by these quick facts: Only Bronco Student Services representatives will handle your storage once it is dropped off. Only Bronco Student Services managers will have access to your storage at the off-campus facilities. 24/7 monitoring ensures your container is safe and secure.

When can I get my packing materials?

Packing materials will be available for pick up in Benson during week 9 and week 10 of Spring Quarter.  Bronco Storage will have a table where you will be able to receive all the boxes you reserved as well as any bubble wrap and tape you have purchased. This table will be located in Benson, across from the Access Card Office in the entrance closest to the library. If you signed up for the box delivery service, a Bronco Student Services representative will deliver all the boxes you reserved as well as bubble wrap and tape you have purchased right to your room.

Is there coverage available for items damaged while in storage?

Yes! Although we take great care with all items, accidents do happen. Bronco Storage will not process any payment for damages that is less than or equal to $200 per Customer. If the damages exceed $200, Bronco Student Services will pay damages of up to $1000 per Customer minus the $200 deductible fee. Bronco Storage expressly disclaims any liability in excess of $1000 per Customer. The $200 deductible fee can be waived if you purchase the Storage Insurance Option for any items that were damaged. You may insure your items by indicating it on the Storage Labels.

Are there addtional insurance options for my items besides the basic coverage?

Yes! Insurance for Storage Items can be purchased at a cost of $1/month per Standard Box and $2/per month per Large Box or Bulk Item. Any items insured must be clearly indicated on the Label of the Box or Bulk Item. The Storage Insurance Option waives the $200 deductible that is in the basic coverage of damaged stored items. The Storage Insurance Option provides coverage for mirrors and glassware as well! The $1000 limit per Customer remains. Items damaged will be refunded based on the actual cash value of the items at the time of loss or damage (i.e., the depreciated value). Customer has the option to insure all Storage items or individual Storage items. Damage to items that were not insured will not be covered and will be applied to the normal $200 deductible

What can NOT be stored?

Items we will not store include (but are not limited to):
• Plastic containers that are not empty
• Boxes or items that are damaged
• Boxes that have not been adequately closed 
• Boxes and/or items that have not been appropriately labeled with a Bronco Student Services sticker or are not labeled at all
• Controlled drugs, and all substances or materials regulated or prohibited by applicable federal, state, or local law, rule, regulation or ordinance.
• Perishable Items such as food, plants, anything living, or anything subject to spoilage
• Hazardous, toxic, explosive, combustible or flammable materials, including: Aerosols, ammonia, ammunition, batteries, butane tanks, charcoal, cleaning fluids, fertilizers, fire extinguishers, firearms, fireworks, fumigants, gasoline, kerosene, lighter fluid, liquid bleach, matches, nail polish / polish remover, oils, paint thinner, paints, pesticides, poisons, propane tanks, sterno, swimming pool chemicals.

What items are not covered for liability?

Bronco Storage will not provide coverage for easily breakable items, such as glassware and mirrors, irreplaceable and sentimental items including: Airline tickets, birth certificates, checkbooks, computers, deeds, electronics, evidences of debt, family photos, fine art, jewels / jewelry, laptops, medicine, personal CDs / DVDs / video tapes, personal papers, precious metals, rare or historical items, school papers and records, stamp and coin collections, valuable documents, money or securities.

How does the Bronco Storage referral contest work?

The contest is a competition between all SCU students using Bronco Storage.  Once you sign up for Bronco Storage, you will receive a unique referral code in your email that you will use to refer your peers.  If you refer any student to the service, you will need to give them your unique referral code in order to be credited with the referral.  A referral will be tallied for every reservation made with your code and a leaderboard on this website will show which individuals are ahead.  At the end of the reservation period, the individual with the most referrals will receive $500! 

How do I get a referral discount?

Bronco Storage is offering a $10 off your total cost per referral for the the student refering and also for the student being referred.  After signing up for Bronco Storage, you will receive a unique referral code that you will give to any peers you refer.  These peers then enter the referral code on their registration form, resulting in a $10 discount for you and the referred peer.  Students are permitted to refer as many students as possible until they have storage for free!  Any further questions please contact Bronco Student Services.

Can I use my own boxes?

Bronco Storage permits the use of boxes we don't supply, however we highly recommend the use of our boxes as well for increased protection.  Also, if a different box is used, the item will be likely charged more expensively as a bulk item even though it may have fit in one of the smaller boxes.

Will I be able to pick-up my items if I return to school a week or two before welcome weekend?

As there are many CF's who need their items in advance of Welcome Weekend, students living off campus or in other scenarios will be able to collect their items on campus in the weeks prior to welcome weekend with the CF's.

Pickup/Drop off service. Do I have to be present?

Yes, you absolutely need to be present.  1) We need to run you through the check in process. 2) You need to show our employee which items are yours. If you are not present you risk your items not being picked up!

What happens if I need more boxes?

If you need more boxes, that is no issue at all. You can simply pick up additional boxes from our table in Benson during week 9 and week 10, or from the storage drop off location in the Leavey Parking Lot during our operation hours during Finals Week.

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